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ArtsVote Calgary – Mayoral Forum

An optimal candidate debate probably has some similarity to an optimal team size, too many members result in confusion, and ultimately… despair.

“The organizers had to make arrangements to get the candidates quite early. There are a few candidates running for mayor who are not onstage, but are here this afternoon. Afterwards, stick around and you can put your questions to them.” – Jim Brown

It would appear ArtsVote, by soliciting participation early and having a deadline, has solved this problem. Good on them, because the result was a better forum.

And, seriously, they put thought into how to force candidates to use their time wisely, and only speak when they have a critical point to make.

I enjoyed this Calgary mayoral forum immensely, and I hope you do too. Thanks to Chelsea Pratchett for help covering the event, and to ArtsVote for allowing me to do this in an official capacity.

Moderator - Jim Brown
Wayne Stewart
Ric McIver
Naheed Nenshi
Jon Lord
Joe Connelly
Craig Burrows
Bob Hawkesworth
Barb Higgins
introduction 01:33 03:29 05:04 06:44 08:25 10:00 11:37 13:17
forced closures       19:22   21:02   17:18
affordable space     24:29   22:26      
accessibility   29:00       30:56 32:29  
CATA budget 34:10       35:49     36:55
arts festivals     43:10 39:08     41:27  
funding solution 50:14   46:39         48:35
retain artists 54:20 55:48       52:32    
funding pitch   60:15   61:57     58:13  
buh bye 67:00 66:38 66:13 65:24 Gone! 64:43 64:15 63:35

This video is released under Creative Commons share-alike 3.0 license.

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