Beefart & Cheenkaw

If you see one movie this year, but District 9 is no longer playing in your neighborhood, be sure to check out BEEFART & CHEENKAW – The Motion Picture.

Blaise Kolodychuk is a renaissance man. Musician. Director. Father. Master of photostatic copiers. He can peer into the multiverse, and see what might of been, or what may yet be. His reports from beyond are dismissed the mainstream press as “pure fiction”. And yet…

Unexplained flying objects are spotted every day in the north Calgary. Occasionally half eaten human remains are found in Fish Creek. TO THIS VERY DAY, no one knows what lurks at the bottom of Lake Bonavista. Only that it feeds… at night.

As you read this, you may find yourself trembling. Fear not! YouTube videos rarely kill. Courage, and a finger hovering nervously over your computer’s power button, will see you safely though the mind of Blaise Kolodychuk.

Fare thee well.

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