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Comedian Allyson Smith’s Creative Process

In November 2008, a co-worker talked the office into checking out a comedian named Allyson Smith at Calgary’s Comedy Detour. Being a video guy I asked “should I tape it?”

Obviously I was impressed, or there’d be no blog post about it. She was crazy funny, and when she returned to Calgary to headline at Yuk Yuk’s, D4V of agreed to interview her.

The interview and article at was created thanks to the laid-back attitude of Comedy Detour, Yuk Yuk’s and Broken City (all hosts to Allyson’s stand-up).

If you’re looking for some b-roll to help supplement an Allyson Smith interview, feel free to ping me (anything possibly objectionable I’ll bounce off Allyson). I’ve also posted the raw footage from my walk-and-talk Allyson Smith interview to Internet Archive, available for recycling under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-ALike license.

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