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Ontario done with coal

Ontario has burned their last ton of coal. Ontario’s carbon footprint is miniscule. This was pointed out to me by an Australian.

I worked with Ben Heard to create the above video, but I’ve never met him. He was about to deliver this talk at Brisbane City Hall (in Australia, as part of “Brisbane Global Café”), but we’d discussed in advance the importance of capturing technical presentations. So he set up his own video camera on a tripod and recorded himself. He wore 2 $20 microphones on his jacket that I’d shipped him from Canada.

Ben’s presentation is excellent. I’m pro-nuclear, and it was still incredibly informative to me. I think it offers just as much insight to Canadians about Canada as it does to Australians about Australia.

For example, Ben was standing in Brisbane City Hall, and showing the audience real-time monitoring of Ontario’s electricity generation. I’d encourage any Canadian to take a look yourself.

If you think this video is useful, please consider providing me with captured footage, or funding the man-hours required to edit.

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