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Kickstarter 2012 THORIUM Documentary

I’ve just launched a campaign to help fund THORIUM REMIX 2012 (a working title), a documentary to help propagate the science behind Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors, just as THORIUM REMIX 2011 did last year.

If you have never heard of Kickstarter before, they use a (rather clever) mechanism where total pledges must meet the project budget, or else no pledges are collected! This avoids the nasty scenario of partially funded projects… no one wants to contribute money to a doomed project.

I’m asking for $20,000. The 2011 edition was shot on a $1,000 budget. And (despite being a very effective tool), it kinda shows. There are no animation sequences to help illustrate complex points. Audio and video quality are very hit-and-miss. And some of my interview footage consists of Skype and Facetime video chat… I mean every time I try propagate this beyond the confines of YouTube, the issue of “video quality” comes up.

Despite that, THORIUM REMIX 2011 circulates in public libraries. It is airing locally on Calgary SHAW 10. And the YouTube video has received over 175,000 views… that’s pretty good for a 2 hour in-depth science lecture shot on a $1,000 budget.

So if you’re keen on seen thorium used to help lower the cost of energy, reduce the risk of future conflicts over energy resources and reduce air pollution including greenhouse gasses… consider helping fund my 2012 thorium documentary.

And if you have the opportunity, also consider joining me at Thorium Energy Alliance Conference 4 (TEAC4), in Chicago. It is where most footage will be collected. If you’re a videographer, the unconference portion will be crazy-hard to cover… please bring your video camera!

Here’s a DVD of TEAC3, also available on YouTube.

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