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Alberta 2012 Leadership Debate

On 2012-04-12 (April 12th, 2012) the leaders of Alberta’s political parties faced off for a debate. All except Glenn Taylor for Alberta Party. I’d spoken to Glenn previously, and would have very much liked to have seen him participate in the debate.

So I hope you enjoy the “Alberta 2012 All Candidate Leadership Debate“.

Alberta Party let me video their War Room. Glenn was responding to debate questions in real time via a team of people monitoring various online communication channels. After the debate, Glenn restated the full answers on video.

I edited that after-the-debate video footage appropriately into the broadcast debate timeline. Also included (in real chronological order) are the creation of responses Alberta Party posted online during commercial breaks.

There was a lot more War Room action during the debate, but I didn’t want to cut away from any of the other 4 candidates, or interrupt the flow of the debate. So I stuck to commercial breaks.

I do hope anyone who hasn’t yet watched the debate does so with this version. It contains all the debate footage. No opening or closing statements are missing. And it includes Alberta Party responses. Yet is is shorter than the broadcast version.

Closed Captioning data of Alberta 2012 Leadership Debate is available, if you’d like to search through it like a transcript for key words.

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